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first gouaches all about 4.5" x 6", 90lb WC paper. This paint was dried, but easily wetted. I was surprised at how well the distant blue mt and the violet one in front covered the green sky . I couldn't get that purple light enough for my taste, even after glazing with white...
This whole paper is an experiment, as I want to learn a bit about gouache. I have a few tubes that are still fluid, so will work with them next. C&C welcome. Thanks for looking.

Great job, ntl! I admire your ability to work small like this. I've never been able to do it.

They're all charming! Great movement with the waves - wow!
What fun paintings.really like the waves hitting the rocks.. you nailed the movement.
Great job. It’s good to sit down and experiment to see what a medium can do.
I love the 4th card. Makes me happy just looking it. 🙂