Lemonade Baloons


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18x24 ins.

My excuse for the title follows; (skip if easily bored)

I was painting a fondly remembered scene in the studio, and when I was getting close to completion, somehow a container of black paint got kicked/knocked and paint flew though the air and splatterd on the painting.

Looking at the disaster of many large drops across the painting, I felt that this was one of life's lemons that could not be corrected and was ready to gesso it. Then the old saying about life, lemons and lemonade came to mind and I took another look.

There was one irregular blob about 2 inches in spread in the lower left corner, but the rest were smaller and circular and spread in a kind of interesting pattern across the top half of the painting. I thought of a baloon release that I had seen, but black baloons would never do.

I covered the big blob with enough paint to hide it under a tree image and colored the smaller blobs to look like happy baloons and added two small white ones where I thought they were needed to give the idea.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

C&C of course.
Really like this one. It's characterful. I think your style brings an edginess or something to the landscape. I know shit. Anyone agree?
I'm so glad this happened because I LOVE the results. Sometimes these magic mistakes happen and they are the best things that can be in order to put us into a whole new direction. This is one of my favorites of yours.
Sno -
Thanks !
Yeah, I feel good about being able to save it and lucky that the paint spots fell in such a pattern.

Iain -
Thanks for the interesting comment.

Arty -
Very glad you like it and you are right of course about these things giving us new direction.

Bizzi -
Thank you, and yes, I was thinking of Vincent when I did the foreground trees.
Nicely done painting and I Love the explanation.....making lemonade balloons is very good advice right now
Thanks PSA -
Very kind of you not to mention the misspelling of 'Balloons'.

My excuse for that is that I just got my new glasses today and can finally see small print like this.
Besides Hurricane Delta . . can't think of any lemonade to be made out of suddenly needing an new roof and a big blue tarp as of right now. Maybe later.
Grammer mistakes pale into insignificance, like balloons into the sky. Sorry to hear about the roof.

Those balloons are like doodle bugs.