First gouaches


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first gouaches all about 4.5" x 6". This paint was dried, but was easily wetted. I was surprised at how well the distant blue mt covered the green sky and the violet one in front. I couldn't get that purple light enough for my taste, even after glazing with white...
This whole paper is experimenting, as I want to learn a bit about gouache. I have a few tubes that are still fluid, so will work with them next. C&C welcome.



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These are so charming and I LOVE them! What kind of gouache did you use? Sometimes it depends on the brand/type to determine if they can be re-wetted again and work well. Some of mine don't do that and I had to find other brands. :(
I saw these earlier and commented, but it looks like I didn't post the reply! 😬

I was admiring your versatility here in these small sizes. They have a lot of detail work, very well done, ntl! I especially love the movement and colors in your seascape.
Arty, thanks! Most tubes are Lukas, a few are Linel. I also have an old set of Grumbacher opaque watercolor that got a bit of use in them.

Queen Bee, thanks!
I think you've done a remarkable job with these. It does take some getting used to. A fellow artist turned me on to Artsy gouache 24 color paint set available on Amazon; the jelly cups are like butter and end result colors better than Turner, WN, etc. brands IMHO.
I like your free use of color on the cow pasture and your waves are also amazing. Great playful variety of motifs on the other two as well - all in all a great combo that makes me want to see more gouaches from you. From which medium are you coming? Water color (I would assume) or other?
I have also picked up gouaches this year for the first time and I am also faszinated; I like the matte finish, the rewetting and that they can be combined with water colors… I am using a rather cheap brand (Lefranc & Bourgeois) in big bottles 😀

Thank you for sharing your work
Wayne, thanks!
Kay, Thank you. That means a lot to me. Artsy is a new name to me. Do you do a lot with gouache?
Tanja, thank you so much. I play with watercolor, nothing fancy, and now the gouache. These are the "middle of the night when I can't sleep" toys.
Gouache can be combined with watercolors and acrylics, and with casein apparently. I bought a tube of white casein to use with the gouache, it can be used with oil paint, too. My main medium is oil paint.
Dm7, thanks! :)