Giraffes in the Desert


Last week for my birthday we went to the Living Desert Zoo/Gardens in Palm Desert. An amazing place where I got to hand-feed a giraffe some lettuce. I'd show that particular picture, but I have several chins in it, so you don't get to see it. Instead, here are much more amazing images of the giraffes.


That close, yes! I never fed a giraffe before. It's tongue was very long and I got slobbered on! :LOL:
So you had a very happy slobber day. 😁 They must have been a sight to behold. Glad you got to go.
great pictures.

WHen I was a kid my class took a field trip to the zoo. I was by the Giraffe encloser taking notes when one of them bent over and grab my pencil and ate it!
wonderful shots, they are very beautiful. and they were also docile then.
Best wishes for your birthday.