Gargoyle in Watercolor


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This was done as part of a challenge for another forum. It is a 8 x 10 watercolor on a sample of NY Central 140HP. Overworked and I took too long (as usual). I wanted to get some practice with strong highlights, as I tend to do too much middle values and not enough value contrast. I had a few other things for various challenges at CS also, but they were so awful I binned them.

Very cool technique. Was this pull-off? (I'm not sure if that's what it's called). It looks great with these colors. ♥️
Ayin, thank you. I used masking fluid to preserve the whites, and salt and water spray in the wet paint for texture. It was just an experiment.
Fun stuff, Joy! I know very little about painting with watercolor, but I do love the salt application technique. It works great here, giving your gargoyle that classic mottled concrete look.

You have nice tonal range throughout- whites are white, too. It doesn't look overworked to me. Nice work!
Good work Joy and a fun subject! I always enjoy the way you blend colours. I really like the texture you've got from the salt - I've never had any success doing this. 🙂
The few times I tried using salt I didn’t get much of an effect either so I really like what you did, Joy. I don’t see evidence of overworking, just a very nicely done watercolor. I’ve never heard of that brand of paper - do you like it?
I don't know anything about water colors but the blues and purples are quite lovely.
I like the textures that you have got, and in my opinion your experiment is a success. But I also feel that you can increase the contrast even further.
Balaji, thanks for your input. I need to work on value contrast.
I like the cool colors, and the mottling. The gargoyle's expression is wonderful! It's watching the pigeons, I'm sure! Now whether it's watching its dinner, or about to avoid a "bombing run", well, that's left to the viewer!