From Life: Aloe Vera plant


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Aloe Vera plant about 3X5″ on Canson oil paper. Crits and comments welcome, thanks for looking. :)

2021-06-10 18.44.59.jpg
I like this and I love the background you've chosen to use. I would never thought to use a background so similar to the coloring of the subject but it works beautifully. Love it. ❤️ ❤️
Wow, lain, I do too! Thanks for the change of view. :)

Thanks, snoball. Deciding backgrounds in these little studies (and other work) is hard for me. In AZ, I had a huge pot of aloe on my front porch. Here in IN, this baby is supposed to be an indoor plant, so I set it on a window sill.
Wonderful. Love the blue/green colors. We just planed a new one of these in the yard. The bunnies and chipmunks are trying to eat it, so we had to put a mini fence around it. I like Iain's idea with possibly matting it off to the corner-side.
I guess you will be taking turns keeping watch. :)

Thanks ntl, Arty, My jaw hit the desk seeing this for the first time on the big screen. Please excuse me for my impertinence. It's a lovely painting. And the paper gives it a quality I have found intrusive, but not here.

Could be hung with the plant.
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Again, lain, thanks. This Canson oil paper is much easier for me to work with, without gesso. I may gesso some for other pieces.