Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!


2 eyes.
I watched footage of a demonstration against the measures implemented to limit the spread of Covid-19.

They chanted FREEDOM! FREEDOM! As they did, the word and they united and became DUMB FREE! DUMB FREE!

Chamfort was right.

People are always exercising their right to freedom of speech, and almost never use what they do have, the freedom to think.
free will

always tricks
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The freedom to spread a contagious disease to your fellow men...🤔
The effectieve use of the term "freedom" in especially US political rhetorics has often bemused and at times confounded me.
There is that. There is also the potential for a more virulent strain to develop. It all depends on the availability of the host. (Us, folks!) That is another reason, I believe, for the importance of social distancing, but it hasn't really been spoken about. I guess they like to keep the message understandable for us simple folk.