Floral Oil


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Floral Jan 6, 2021 4x6" oil on canson canvas paper. Comments and Crits welcome! Thanks for looking.
I used several new to me colors, and some regulars:
Cad red deep, cad orange, thalo yellow green, rose madder, and asphaltum are new to me. Cerulean Blue, Cad yellow light and Indian yellow, chromium oxide green, and titanium white are stand-byes. (camera is an old cell phone camera, this is the first time I've used it.)

Sno, Thanks.
joe1, I appreciate your comment. The lion cup has bounced around for about 40 years. (the others disappeared :( .
Arty, thanks. This wet-in-wet painting is sort of new, too. I love plein air, but a lot of that turns to mud for me, too. I'm thinking maybe if I practice a bit before it gets warm again...
The jug is convincing with good color and value. The rest not so much, looks unfinished. The fade out is not working so well. I think it is a very good start and deserves more attention.
Over all it looks good to me. Especially for that size.
But the 2 cups look off to me. The lion cup looks flat compared to the vase and the reddish cup looks like its floating in the air.
That said I agree with Arty that your colors came out great.
If you do go back into this, the drawing of the glass and bottom of cup are off. The ellipsis are drawn to be all at the eye level (therefore a straight line). The top of the jug (straight line) is the determined eye level to my eye. As the level of the ellipse goes below or above eye level line, the curve changes. This is why the cup and glass seems to be not grounded.
Thank you both. Sorry it's taken me so long to get back here.
Mr. Barrie, Thanks. I agree, it looks unfinished. Thanks for your words of support. I did spend a bit more time on it, then came here and read these comments, so I do hope to go back and do more. I think I see what you're saying about the ellipses.

16ga ,Thank you. You're right about both cups--thanks for not pointing out how badly shaped that red cup is :oops: lol! Both will get a bit more work.
ntl, it is very unusual to successfully match colors to the entire painting like you did here (at least for me it is very difficult to get the bg read with the subject). What I want to say is I think the color of the background and the flowers and jar support each other well, they are all in harmony color wise. Very sensitive painting. Very well done! 🌼🌷