Orange Poppy in Watercolor - Xpost from Watermedia


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This is 7 x 11, on Arches CP 140. The background is a much darker green mix than appears on the screen, which appears rather bluish. (It is mixed from Thalo Green and Alizarin Crimson.) The limited colors used are Indian Yellow, Vermillion, Alizarin Crimson, Violet, and Thalo Green. I don't paint many flowers, and was trying out my new wax resist crayons on some of the petals.

Nice Joy! The wax resist thing is one I've never done. Works great for this.
The variety of blues and oranges makes for a beautiful and interesting painting.
Mike - Thank you. Flower painting always seem to get comments, but I have only done a handful.
Vivien, I have "known" you for years and admire your work. I posted this so long ago I forgot!
Kay, thank you! It is a subject with which I really struggle.