Fisherman’s Last Light

P. Barrie

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20” x 16”, oils on panel, from photo ref
Done in two sessions, about 3 hrs each. Pushing myself to paint fast, but got a little bogged ( no Pun intended) down with too much oily paint too soon. Managed to get to this point without too much fussing. Needs a few tweaks when dry enough to overpaint.

I love it as is. I know you like to go for more detail, but I wouldn't touch it up, or whatever you're planning to do with it because the looser the better in my book. It's a sweet piece. I especially love the gestures in the water and the greenery off the lake.
Arty, laf, thanks
The foreground water ripples are looking a little abstract to me now after getting a little more detached from the painting. Not intended, but not sure if I should fuss with it.
WOW, this is lovely work! I like your edge handling and thick paint. Colors show well and I like the water area very much. This piece is very interesting to look at.👏