Two of my recent paintings

So very well done, as always :) The rose really grabs me, with its (imho) feel of magic realism. Beautiful!
The mill is too literal for my tastes, but your skill is abundantly evident throughout.
So sorry to hear that you're going through such a rough patch. I hope you're able to keep sharing your art and expertise in some capacity.
That sidewalk musician thing must've been fun. It's always a nice surprise to come upon such during the holidays.
Good fortune was with me on at least one of these paintings. The landscape painting was rejected, but the flower painting was juried into the show, received an Honorable Mention, and SOLD !
Wow that's wonderful!
Beautiful paintings. Love the variety of greens in the old mill painting. Very peaceful scene.
Hey Bill, great paintings, keep up the good work. Sorry to hear about your wife, I think this is the time to focus even more on the this that bring you joy. We are here for you.