Fall storm


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Hi folks. The sun has gone and storms have arrived on the coast. Beautiful.
Out walking and had to go back and get my drawing stuff. Late in the afternoon and the light was changing with the storm and dropping sun. In reality, the sea turned silver with waves and wind effects that were impossible to keep up with. Just couldnt catch the effect. Pastelmat 30x40cm grey. Mostly Rembrandt's and a few Sennelier later. Crazy light . This time I was high up on the cliff edge looking down, under a tree trying to beat the rain. So much for the still water and reflections of a few days ago.....

Excellent. Sky and mountains set off the cove nicely. A lot of character in this piece. Good to see you've gone bigger, the scene deserves it.
Thanks Bongo. There was no time to really catch everything going on. But it is useful cos I will do a studio piece soon. The difference between camera and actual can be huge. Thanks heaps for your input.
I love that small slice of blue in your otherwise stormy sky - perfect! The waves are clearly kicking up from the wind. You've captured the feel of a storm rolling through. As always, the bright warm rooftop colors are the perfect center. Love it! ❤️
Ditto what Terri said. Lots of movement in the waves and nice warm tile roof tops. I'm smiling just to look.
It's fairly light yet, but the action in the waves show that there is some wind in the coming clouds. Very atmospheric. ❤️
Beautiful work! What happens if raindrops end up to your support when painting with pastels? I imagine it destroys the paper, correct?
It's so challenging to paint in a storm when everything changes constantly.