Endless struggle



I wonder what would happen if you laid a piece of plastic wrap over this and pressed the little thick gobs of paint? I'm just experimenting with YOUR painting. ;)
Sno, cool! Feel free to explore.
Arty, thank you. Not quite a new focus. I’ve been doing figurative and abstraction simultaneously. Oh well....
I do the same kind of thing. I like your abstracts. Sorry if saying it was new is not true, it was more of a play on your new name you use here. ;)
This is about the most abstract one I have ever seen from you and I like it.
Abstract, figurative, or whatever, it is the same creative spirit coming through.
Very juicy and wonderful. This does seem to be the most abstract we've seen from you, as Trier said. Somehow my first thought was birds in the snow through a window, but that only works for the bottom left corner. I love the extreme contrast of the deep black and the white punctuated by the vibrant oranges and deep reds. Masterful.
I must have watched too many crime shows. Flesh color abstracted brings to mind body parts. I do like the rooster plumage.
I thought it was oil. What do I know. I like the later paintings of the late Howard Hodgkin, who didn't consider himself an abstract painter. The most valuable thing I got from him, and one of the commentators of his work, Andrew Graham-Dixon, was simply that a painting was an object, a thing. Or, as Carol might say, a "thingy." 🙃 Keep on keeping on.
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Great interpretation and comments. Very encouraging. Muchas gracias to all!!!