Does working out boost creativity in your opinion?


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I'm out of shape and exercise just tends to wear me out. Then I tend to sit around not doing anything in a half dead state until I recover.


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Hey, Alabama Jamma,

In my younger days, I was a 10-speed biker, and a jogger. You have an excellent point, for sure. I discovered that while jogging, or biking, I was able to decide solutions to all sorts of problems. At 84, I still walk 3 miles a day, and when I do, I an constantly coming up with solutions to my painting, and my music. (I am a mandolin/guitar/banjo player).....or at least I used to be, and am still dabbling in it with a friend, and my son.

I think someone once told me that it is the endorphins that are released in the body during exercise that truly aids in being creative, and solving problems. It always worked for me, and it still does!


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I believe it has. Whenever I feel lazy or stuck at work, I usually go for a walk, breathe, and exercise lightly. Then I have the spirit to get back to my desk and be more productive, more ideas come up and boost productively.

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I started collecting free weights and have been doing dumbbells, kettlebell, this ab roller along with running on the treadmill.. I think it has helped my painting happen more frequently.. must be helping overall..


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Yes, I agree exercise makes you feel fabulous!
Well, NOW, when I get off the couch, I always try to do it without the help of my hands and I tuck in my belly muscles as much as I can. 🤣
Seriously, COVID had me out of the gym two years ago and I didn’t renew my membership. I try walking everyday. Live on the fourth floor of a building that has no elevator.
I used to me a runner. 🏃‍♀️
Getting old !


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I do a lot of walking during the week as part of my job. If I'm working in the office and not outdoors, I try to walk home at least once a week (just over 4 miles) and at weekends I'll either walk round the shops in town or go birdwatching/botanising. Not sure it helps creativity, but I've recently discovered that if I carry my sketchbook around instead of keeping in my bag, I stand a better chance of actually using it. 🙂