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Hi there. And welcome back….to our collective hellish nightmare!

It’s amazing to think back to all the crap we people have endured through a global pandemic and really, all the craziness we're enduring NOW. But looking at these two pieces recently I thought, “Well, maybe these weirdos came out in some sort of a mildly interesting way.” So I'll show them for THAT reason, but I certainly don't think they're particularly good. They're more of a "hmmmmm......"

They’re both 24” x 30” on pieces of masonite that I had hanging around in the basement. I wiped off the cobwebs, the end result looks pretty sloppy, and the pictures aren’t great. But I suppose if I didn’t believe I was heading toward imminent death, I would have been more of my usual fuss-budgetey self. Ugh. That time caused such an internal state of never-ending panic that the only way I knew to “soothe” myself was to keep making stuff. Anything! Had to get all the nervous frenzy out of my system...

I’m not sure why I decided to “weave” black elastic through the border (in third pic), but maybe I felt I REALLY needed to use a power drill and make many little holes. And I suppose all those spots are supposed to represent the Covid cooties. Haha.
lockdown 1.jpg

lockdown 2.JPG

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lockdown 4.jpeg

This is BREATH.
I used tee-shirt fabric, leftover from my first homemade mask, as a border. I’ve forgotten how I got it to stick on there, but I DO remember I liked making little tissue paper masks for all the 2D people. Obviously, they needed Covid protection, too.
breath 1.JPG

breath 2.JPG

breath 3.jpeg

lockdown 4.jpeg

Thanks for walking down memory lane with me.
Such good times they were.



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These are AWESOME! It’s so cool how you transformed your nervous energy into these collage pieces; Covid cooties and tissue paper masks and all. Did you lay all the pieces out first or just add them as you went along? I finally threw out the fabric masks I made - with old shoelaces for ties because that’s what I had.
Thanks, Donna. I don’t remember how I did them, exactly. (I was delirious!) I finally got Covid 3 months ago and am now healthy and here to worry about something else…

And FYI and not that it matters one iota but, it looks like I did something wrong with the posting. Missed a 4th pic from the second piece, but doubled up on another, and another got stuck in the theumbnails. Think I forgot how to use the posting things…🙄
These are GREAT, Olive! Seriously wonderful pieces from a very fraught time in the world.

Were these images/people collected at random by you, or are any of them family members? There's a lot to enjoy here (despite the subject matter!)

Sorry you came down with the virus. Glad it's behind you. ❤️

Excellent work! Applause.
Terri…nope, no family members. Just random images. I wonder how and where I found them all. And I wonder how I had the patience to do all those little hand-painted dots. But then again, what else was there to do…?

(And thanks for the nice words).
These turned out so cool! I know they are significant to the pandemic, but they stand on their own, no matter. I see these in a show, even alongside your paintings, maybe, if not just to show your amazing versatility. They are thoughtful as well as aesthetically well-executed in composition, and they are forever interesting. Thanks for posting these! ♥️
Aww, thanks Ayin….I missed you!

Having just “checked in” with you in the places where I usually check in with you…I want you to know I’m wishing you all the best. You never cease to amaze me with the things you’ve overcome (and keep tackling) and still keep on trucking full steam ahead. Okay, maybe it sometimes feels like you’re only at half steam…but still You Got The Steam!!

ALSO, I hope your show is going well and you’ve gotten some good, or at least interesting, feedback. (And I’m wondering what you ended up naming that “totem” healing piece…)

K. Toodles fer now….
These are simply amazing O.O! They should be in a COVID museum somewhere! ❤️ ❤️
I love these. I'm very persnickety when it comes to collage - but these are great.
Thanks Sno and Bongo. Yes, don’t you think that soon…somewhere and someplace…somebody will think to start a pandemic museum of somekind? But who in their right mind would ever want to visit…?
Okay. I just went googling to see if there’s a “Spanish Flu museum” because I assume there have been plenty of exhibits about it through the years. But this is the link that first got my attention because I’ve always wanted to go to the Mutter Museum and have a coffee table book on all the weird things in this place. I also have a book called The Sick Rose, which is a medical book filled with illustrations of diseases.

So, hmmm. I guess I just answered my own question. Looks like *I’m* the person with the right/wrong kind of mind that would probably go and find this interesting…🙄