Coffee Time

P. Barrie

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11” x 14”, oils on canvas panel
Painted this from life a couple months ago. As I was looking at it today I noticed / remembered something I missed in the passing of the light. I’m wondering if anyone else can figure out what changed and what shape I omitted as time passed and the light changed.

It looks great, especially the light! Was there something larger behind all the items?
Thanks to COVID-19 I've been teaching from my home on the computer. As a result, we've been drinking more coffee than we've drank since my drunken year and a half in New York right out of art school. 😜 Nice work. (y):coffee:
I'm guessing the reflections in the mugs of the cookies and measuring cup. Great painting as is.
Great painting Patrick. I love the colours in the mug and cup. Is it the mug handle shadow?
As well as the cup, I can see the reflection of a blonde in the metal container, elbow on table, hand on neck. No doubt a sitter patiently waiting. Excellent painting.
Thanks everybody!
Bizzibee, you got it.😊. The window faces south so the angle of light was moving such that I missed / forgot the cup handle shadow as it passed more behind the cup as time passed. Worth fixing?
It is also my experience that some small imperfections/mistakes that look to me like huge blunders in my drawings or paintings are amost never noticed by someone I show the work too, sometimes they don't even see it after I point it out...
I agree with earlier posts, don't mess with it.
I really like your painting, the reflections, the color, and not in the least it makes me want some coffee and cookies!
I think only you can decide, Patrick. If I think something is not right (which is often!), it is all I can see if I look at the painting, to the exclusion of everything else. Maybe that's just me, though!:D