Bell Street


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oil on 12" x 16" panel

I've been distracted lately figuring out and buying all the stuff I need to paint with oils. Never did it before. Been painting for a week now with oils, and as an experiment blocked this in with chromatic black, and used chromatic black to shade colors -- instead of compliments or ivory black.
I really like this, you've done a great job of depicting night time. Excellent. (y)
Geez man, you’re good!! First works with oils and this?!.... wow!!
Thanks everybody! I'm planning on doing some plein air - so oil is a better choice for that.
It's actually superb! I love this. It's undoubtedly yours and I would never know it's your first oil. Very, very cool! ❤️
Great going !
I second all the prior comments, and I bet you will really take to Plein Air !

Oddly enough, I did a plein air acrylic called Bell Street a long time ago and it is pretty much the opposite of yours in chroma and brightness. I will try to dig it up just for laughs.
Thank you - much appreciated

I have a Maybef field easel, a French box easel - and I recently bought a Yarka Russian easel. And just got my 2nd covid vaccine shot - so I'm ready to do some Plein Air.
Convincing spaces. In a way, the chaos of light reminds me of taking in a changing night scene as one moves through it.