Another Day


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Another beautiful day - we've had three in a row!
AD one.jpg

Lots of beautiful old brick apartments in this area. Didn't want to do another "building portrait", so I'm including a parking lot.

the sketch. Seeing how much I can get away with NOT painting.
AD two.jpg

blocking in:

AD three.jpg

defining shapes adding detail. Sun coming in bright and low now.

AD four.jpg

"Another Day" oil on 16" x 20" panel
Another Day.jpg

comment welcomed:
Great job of simplifying and accentuating the big, graphic shapes of the buildings, as always! For some reason the post and its shadow really appeal to me. You deserve more good weather days.
Nice! You've once again cleared out the unnecessary to highlight the actual scene. Wonderful job with the architecture, and your car lineup is great with the shadows. I agree with the long shadow by the simple lone pole - a nice touch!

Well done! I hope the sun continues to shine. ❤️
I admire your plain air style but think you could do so much more using color within color.
Yes, I agree with Jo. It's because of your style and your natural hand. I love your work so much. ♥️