Animal & Wildlife Challenge for May 2023


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Hello, and welcome to the ANIMAL & WILDLIFE CHALLENGE for May 2023 👋

I've provided a series of pictures (from Pixabay / Unsplash) from which you can make a selection - as many as you like! - to create your artwork. Any medium / style goes! Please use only the photos provided for the challenge.

Please look here for the full instructions for the challenge. Thank you :)

Most importantly, please wait until the 20th of the month to post your artwork. You can use the thread to talk about your progress, but please don't tell us which picture you're working on!

Then, on the 20th, please post:
- Your artwork;
- AND , if you wish, any WIP [works in progress] photos that you might have taken while you were doing your artwork.
- AND, if you wish, any comments about it.

I've provided 11 images. I like to go with a theme, which this month, is animals that are named after other animals.

1: Cowbird


2: Catfish


3: Scorpionfly


4: Bengal Leopard

bengal leopard.jpg

5: Seahorse


6: Prairie dog

prairie dog.jpg

Stand by for part 2 ...
7: Hummingbird hawk moth


8: Bullfinch


9: Wolfhound


10: European bee-eater


11: Squirrel monkey

squirrel monkey.jpg

Enjoy!! :)
Thanks Joy 🙂 And you are welcome! Glad you like the refs.

I like going with a theme - it gives me a mini challenge for when I'm choosing the pictures 🙂
Kay -Thanks for hosting.
Having a theme is a great idea !
Lovely photo's ! :)
Thanks Patricia, I look forward to seeing what you do.

I'm already thinking up a theme for the next time I host!
Thanks, Lesley and E.P. I look forward to seeing what you do.

I haven't chosen yet either ... I picked the refs months ago, and had forgotten what they were until this weekend 🙂
Has anyone started yet?

I've just printed out two references ... a bit ambitious considering I haven't taken part in ages!
I've printed out 2 as well. I'm still mulling over which one to start with !
I stared at my printout for a while, trying to decide what paper to use - does that count? 🙂
I start out monthly with good intentions, and something always seems to get in my way! There are a few I really like, but I am very slow and am also trying to do challenges for another forum.

Also, starting today (and lasting untill whenevs) I have painters in the house that are painting most of the house, and removing wallpaper. We are also to have work done in our upstairs bathroom (counter, sinks, shower) that was supposed to be done weeks ago. As luck would have it, he wanted to come the same day/week the painters chose, both leaving messages within minutes of each other. We have waited months for both of them, but want to just have one thing done at a time. Not to mention both bathrooms cannot be out of commission at the same time. So we have spent a lot of time moving things from one room to the others and living in a wee bit of confusion/mess.

Three weeks ago I got some Inktense, and I have still not tried them or swatched them yet. How did I ever find time to work? :D