Animal And Wildlife Challenge December 2023

This is an experimental watercolor on Fluid Easy Block, a cellulose paper I got as a sample. It is about 8 x 11. Limited palette of Burnt Umber, Cobalt Blue and a wee bit of Windsor Violet.

Happy Holidays. I made this advice a year ago. Is it better than the new ones? It was digital with many Ayin, 1 for shadow, 1 light. and I had used a single brush which shading comes to me with fewer errors, smoother. it's just that it's a brush with a lot of texture, I don't always like it. an explanation, what is the difference between a soft and hard brush, when is the hard one needed? On the computer I had a hard one and 1 soft one in a free set, I brought them here, they're not really good but maybe it's simpler, there are soft ones many on procreate, hard not many, hard is it for the edges, the contrast?
2023-12-27 17-13.jpeg
Joe, you have been busy! I like the dog best. The expression and the eyes are excellent.
Nice work Joe on all of these. It's hard for me to choose a favorite.

Thanks for the holiday wishes.
Joy,Anne ,thanks very much.
to draw the crows I helped myself with some drawings by the artist Jens Claessens and also by looking at his tools

today this

2024-01-03 22-19.jpeg
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Joe, they look good. You must spend a lot of time on your art, as you have improved so much.