Animal And Wildlife Challenge August 2023

Really nice drawings Joe. You captured the expression on the cow's face perfectly.
Vivien - thank you. Awww check out that lovely version of the horse
Christel - thank you
joe1lt - thank you. Love the posture/position you captured for that goose in almost-flight and that the lemur guy is looking right at me.
Thanks everyone for the lovely comments on mine.
Joe - I really like your drawings! Especially the bird in flight! Great job!
Christel, beautifully painted horse. I love the feeling of action and the way he is kicking up the dust. Nice work on the background too.

EP, good work on your sketches. My favorite is the panda but they are all adorable.

Vivien, nice work on the horse sketch. I love your little colorful parrot.

Joe, nice sketches this month. You captured the poses and feel of all of them well. I like your loose style just the way it is.

Patricia, what a wonderful collection of images this month. I had hoped to do more but I just didn't have enough time. It has been a busy month.

I did get one done and I'll do another if I have time. This is about 4 1/2" x 6", ink and watercolor in XL Mix Media sketchbook.

20230824Sk8 Squirrel (AWC-CS).png
Anne - Oh hes gorgeous! Such a sweetie and I do like your watercolor & pen technique!
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Thanks Vivien and pcj for your comments. This is one of my favorite ways to work.
Christel - Wonderful, lovely sense of movement.

Eyepaint - Fun sketches as always, I really like the pups!

Vivien - Two lovely pieces, the bird looks really happy! Good work.

Joe - Great sketches, I really like the energy. I especially like the cow.

Anne - really lovely squirrel, I like how you painted the fur.

Well I am useless, again ... I have started I promise, it just needs another hour or so - unfortunately it is at home, and I am not. When I do get round to finishing it (maybe even before the end of the month!) I will post it ...
Nice work Joe. I especially like how you captured the position of the koala.
I just got back from a two week holiday (Greenland/Canada) and started something in a packing tizzy and will post it tomorrow.

Patricia, thanks for hosting.

Christel, that is award winning. Love the glow and shine on the coat.

EP, your compositions and style are so unique and enjoyable.

Vivien, I like both, but especially the horse, as that is such a difficult subject. I also did the parrot, but I like yours better for the freshness. We must be on the same wavelength, as I also used ink.

Joe,lLove the meerkat. It has great proportions and expression.

Anne - love the sparkle in the squirrel's eye!
This is a 7 x 10 Inktense/Ink in a Canson XL 140CP sketchbook. I was on holiday in Greenland/Canada half of August, so there was little time to do art. I am still overwhelmed and a bit dazed from the trip.

Nice Joy. I like how you were able to get the gradual color shifts from shadow to light. That's something I can manage with watercolor but not as easily with inktense. I may have to give it another try.

Hope you enjoyed your trip.
Anne - I love the little koala ! When you do an ink drawing, do you do a pencil
sketch first or just start right in with the ink ?
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Joy - Very nice parrot !
Thankyou everyone for taking part ! Sorry I wasn't able to participate again this month.
BUT -there's always next month ! :) AND ..... next month is the start of the new, IMPROVED
Challenge !! :)
There will be 2 ways to take part - the photo's as usual AND a reference subject .

The monthly host will provide the photo's as usual and also think of a reference subject !
See you then !
Anne - I love the little koala ! When you do an ink drawing, do you do a pencil
sketch first or just start right in with the ink ?
Thanks Patricia.

I start with a pencil sketch so I can make adjustments. The initial sketch is never quite what I want.

Once I'm satisfied with the pencil sketch, I add the ink and then erase all of the pencil.

The final step which I don't always do, is to add color.