Animal And Wildlife Challenge April 2024

Thought I'd drop in and comment on the lovely work here. Makes my morning.

Joy, what a cruise! Hope you are settled in. The bridge collapse was horrific.
The Koala came out so nice. You are too hard on yourself. I'm smiling at it.

Vivien, love the rabbit. Great look on his face.

Patricia, the rabbit on the tree is good. The paper adds to the feel.

EP, you know how your work and comments make me smile. I love your sectioned off paper and backgrounds. Appllause.

Sanlynn, I love cows and calves. The orange makes it pop!

joe1lt, your lines and gestures flow in your sketches. I especially like the horses.

Christel, awwww, lovely wolf and horse. You are adept in all media. Wonderful.
EP, Sanlynn, Vivien, Joe, Joy, Christel, Jo .

Thankyou for all your comments on my drawing. :)
Lovely Viv. The watercolor pencils worked well here.

Joy, good loose sketch of koala. You did well with proportions and his interesting position in the tree.

Lovely drawing of the bunny Patricia. He's adorable. It's always a pleasant surprise when we discover we already had one of the references done. Of course, you had a little more control over that than the rest of us!

EP, fun sketches as usual. I think my favorite is the Prairie Dog but maybe because that's the one I chose too.

Sanlynn, off to a great start. Love the sparkle in the eye. I agree with Vivien though, you could stop right here.

Joe, good work on all of these.

Christel, your bear looks like he is ready to jump off the screen. Beautifully done. Good job on the horse as well.

Here's my version of the Prairie Dog. Pen and Ink in 9"x12" XL Mix Media Sketchpad.

20240418Sk9 Priarie Dog (April 2024 Wildlife Challenge).png
Anne - Beautiful drawing ! His little face is just lovely !.
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Anne - oh gosh what a wonderful expression on his little face! Well done Anne!
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