Altered Books


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Now and again I like to exercise a different sort of creativity by altering a book's contents.
I found a secondhand book, for a friend, about the life and biology of cats. However, I wanted to change its contents to suit my story about my friend's heroine - Catwoman. She got a good laugh from it all. Here are some sample pages of the book.


love this! I'm fond of doing this too. Never done it in a "formal" art way or in a book - but with newspaper, magazine articles, and public signs and notices. Also see people changing letters -a classic one seen a lot is -
"smoking not allowed" - changed to "smoking pot allowed".
These are wonderful. Have you seen or read any of Mary Ruefle's work? She alters books in a process she calls "erasure" that is similar to this. It's been a while since I read about it, but she describes it as something of a clairvoyant process. I'm 100% positive that "clairvoyant" is not the term she actually used, but as I remember, she more or less says she is spiritually, or otherwordly, guided. Like, the words call out to her from the page. It all sounds very wishy-washy, but I recommend checking out her work, she's got very nice examples on her website.

Nicely done. Love the red.