Artist's Books: Definition


I just wanted to help define what Artist's books are for people who don't know that it's a genre of it's own, not like printed books or illustrating a book that is going to be printed for mass marketing. It's is something that became more popular as a "newer" genre in the last 75 or so years (though they do go back to the 1700s). Many people still do not understand what they are, but they are also known as Book Arts, and/or art objects. The genre can be compared to Fine Arts Prints, in that they are usually one of a kind, or in small editions.

Here are a couple of links to more info about how the genre is defined. Here is what Wikipedia has to say, and here's an interesting article someone wrote on their Book Arts Blog. And finally, here is something from the Smithsonian.

I just wanted to clear that up.

So far, we haven't had people really participate on this subject matter (bookbinders and such), but I'm still going to leave this forum up just in case for the sake of interest.
I am really interested. As I'm just a beginner, I'm using photo albums, with good quality paper and an image protection insert; one image per page. Then I create my own cover- collage of my art, or simple tissue paper, for example, that goes over the original. Bookbinding processes will take some time to master. Don't have a pic to add,but will try to find one or two samples and add them as a comment.
Very interested in seeing your process. You can also do some simple bindings before learning complicated ones, like simple saddle stitches using thick cardstock papers as your cover.
My Art Books don't really come completely under this definition. I have written and published actual paperback books about art and drawing. These are fully readable on line and can be accessed from the following URL:My Art Books
Just go to the site and click on a book cover, you will then go directly to the book.
I hope you find them useful.
Mill, it's fine that your art books are more like commercially printed books. A few other people have posted threads or posts about these kinds of books in this forum. It is what it is.

"Book Arts" is an actual genre/medium in the art world that is lesser known, as it has only really been recognized as a media class since the late 60s really. Before that, we're talking hand-painted medieval books (like those beautiful, illuminated manuscripts that you may have seen in museums). In the 1960s, it began to get a bit more creative and aligned itself with mail art a bit. It was like a movement, much like Fluxus art. It has it's own history and progression since then and there are a vast number of special collections specifically for Book Arts all around the world. Pretty much every museum has a special collection within their library for this.

Personally, I am not the greatest book artist to be perfectly honest. There are so many more bookbinders and artists out there that are incredibly creative and exceptional at what they do. I do have my book editions in many notable collections. I'm lucky. I have a national dealer (Vamp & Tramp) that represents me as well. I mention them because I want to include a link to their site to give people an idea of all the other artists out there making amazing books like the kind I speak of.

Here is a full list of the book artists they represent. Each artist usually names their "press," so each side of this list basically repeats, either as the artist or their fine press names. Prices of the books are listed as well. They have a very wide range depending on how they are made and the edition size.

Warning: You can literally hang out on this site for hours looking at these books!
Wow, had forgotten about this post. Still creating books, the ones in the links are way and above better than mine. If nothing else, mine are
a good record.