A Bed of Nails (Fine Art with a Hammer)


2 eyes.
Here are some of the first things I did. Initially I considered green wood working, carving and turning, but trades and crafts, things that require learning formal skills aren't for me, I'm sorry. Life would have been easier, but I am not complaining. In the immortal words of,,,




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Wow, these are wonderful and quite inspiring. I love the ideas and your choice of colour.
Well, thank you, Hermes! I did not expect that reaction. Much appreciated!
These are every one amazing! Some of them almost hypnotic. <3
Very crafty. Like them all except the bed of nails. Much to sharp edged for me. My fave would be the 3rd... fires of hell. By crafty, I think of folk art where whatever gets the job done is the material of the moment.
These are all interesting and rich. Love 8, 13, 12, first. Then 2 and 7. I think that all have something special. 😍
They are all very cool, and yes special! All laid out, you can see, even though they are all very different, they are from the same artist, so you definitely have a distinct voice, which is really something. I love that first piece, and it somewhat reminded me of an old boyfriend of mine, Channing Hansen (Beck's brother) who is now a pretty famous artist--and I LOVE his work. The others are great too, but that one might be my favorite one, plus the last two and the snakey one with the ball, which also sort of reminds me of another favorite artist of mine, Niki de Saint Phalle (probably not spelling her name right). She is famous too, especially in and around the 60s. But she made work up until she was very old. I don't know if you know of her, but maybe you'd like her. You seem to use some really innovative materials in an original way I've never seen before. It's pretty amazing. Excellent stuff.
You have a really interesting collection here. The last 2 I find really engaging, and the and the 2 small attachments, brilliant colours. Bed of nails is fun too. So much to look at and ponder over, cool
Hi Hermes, I am indeed familair with Cornell's work. His boxes must be some of the most beautiful works to come out of the twentieth century.

Thanks sno, I am pleased they have almost hypnotised you. I am going to count to three and when I click my fingers...

Enyaw (almost an eighties pop group), That is a favourite of mine, too, wayne, but, I hate to inform you, that too has nails! They're just not apparent in the photo. I like to think of it as a "Black cat bone," or rather, as a Blues mojo or lucky charm. It just has that feel.

Thank you, Desforges, I love the vitality and richness of your paintings, so I am pleased you see something in these. I think your paintings have a flavour of the Romany Gypsy about them. I could be way off.........................................

Hiya Art, You know I do most appreciate your opinion - everyone's here, in fact - but especially yours because I believe we hold certain "unpopular" ideas in common about art. I am interested in looking up those artists you mentioned. The snakey one with the ball (Caught in the act?) is the one I was reminded of while looking at your painting Held by Sheer Willingness.

Thanks, Laf, thanks for taking the time to comment. I always look forward to seeing the works you post and to your posts in general. I think Bed of Nails might be one to leave a lasting impression, at least on anyone careless enough to fall against it.
Mojo is a good thing to have. For fishing, mine was ground fish bones in a silver bullet with a crystal point. That was then.
Anybody who has “unpopular” opinions of art is a friend of mine! Well, not literally. I have no friends.

But I really like all of these, and most especially that divergence one with the long name on another thread. Yay to that top one with the little crown! It’s a clever thought to incorporate fur (maybe I’ll “borrow” that idea someday) and all things with nails and thorns and spikes are...endearing to me. The bottom two are cool and they all make me want to know about your process and to hear more about what’s inside your head.

I’m not afraid to peek in there...
Thank you Bizzibee, You have impeccable taste. 😃

Thank you OliveOyl, I have just been looking at your Bluebirds and I find the stylisation appealing, not so much the subjects themselves, but I guess that speaks to your artistry, ability to tease out individual vulnerabilities. There is a succinct possibility I could be talking out of my hat. I never discount that.

As to my process, I am not sure I have one, unless being alone late at night with a bottle could be considered such. Solitude is important. The above are some of the first things I did, and the multiplicity of materials might indicate that I did not have an approach in mind, that I was simply making it up as I went along, letting the materials do the thinking. I usually began by building the frame. There is a quote I have carried around for thirty years. I looked it up the other day, and it appears my memory had shaped it into a useful statement (for me), so why I thought the original was significant I have no idea. It is pretty simple. Trust the art in yourself, and not yourself in Art. Don't compare yourself to the History of Art or The Art World. Speaking of which, I do believe there are potentially as many forms of art as there are individuals. The last being the operative word. But what do I know? Somebody who has only considered visual art in the last few years, How dare me! True. One much play dumb and create without knowledge.

The actual quote is by Stanislavsky and refers to acting, apparently.
Ohoh. Now I’m all scared because you let me peek inside. :)

I wonder if you’re still making it up as you go along, or if something specific is shaping up for your next act.
Actually, that was interesting to read so thanks for sharing/indulging.
I don't know, OO, I hope so.

Just like that "lost" rediscovered footage, I found a couple of pieces in the attic of this cardboard box-like mansion. It's all bull. Don't believe it. Nothing matters.

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