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    What are you working on?

    You continue to amaze me with your creativity, talent and energy. I love your theme ❤️
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    Thanks To Trufflecat

    Interesting to see the progressions as you explore the theme
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    Country Road Series -#1 installment

    Love the second one especially
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    Country Road - #2

    Love the sky 🙂
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    Southwestern Red Hot Pokers

    Very nice 🙂
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    Thanks q
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    Afton Villa Gatehouse

    Great to see you posting again. I like this one....nice purples
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    Yay! We missed you 🙂.... ❤️
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    What are you working on?

    I’m liking your work kreativek. Love collage and turning junk into art!
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    New member—first post 😊

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    Been a while

    Trier is doing better and will probably be back soon.
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    Crow Caw

    Cool. Do you do a page every day? I like “junk” journals. It’s certainly not junk any more.
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    New Desert Scene WIP

    I like the texture of the cold press paper. I think it adds interest. Great start!
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    Very nice!
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    Soft Sculptures

    I have no idea how to animate but that would be very cool. For a book you would paint a set, arrange doll(s) and photograph it can be sized to fit anywhere,