wringer WARNING!


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if you've replaced paint tube caps with plugs (as per the "cap conundrum" thread) then do not use a tube wringer without first removing the plug (temporarily) and putting the original cap back. If you don't when you turn the wringer the plug will pop off and paint will squirt out on your hands, desk, (important) papers, coffee cup and coffee.

I discovered this undocumented feature when wringing a tube of Dioxazine Purple - probably the worst possible color to clean up.
I was going to ask how you came to give that advise and then I finished reading. 😁 Just be glad it wasn't Prussian blue!
It wasn't funny when it happened, but it's funny now looking back on it.

I wouldn't have told anyone, but since I told people to put golf tees in their paint tubes I felt obligated to warn them
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