Wooden Door - Lines & Whorls


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I love this, Schuee! So much fun, and you have a beautiful style with these intricate lines and patterns.
Thank you very much, Claudia. Yes, that’s a good way to describe it.

(I hope you don’t mind me saying how much I like the name Claudia. It brings to mind ancient Rome and the myths. I am named Penelope, after the faithful wife of Odysseus, and my sister is Frederica -classical names.)
Thank you. It did take an hour or two. I like it uncoloured as well. I thouht after I’d drawn and named it that they look like wood worm, too. 😁
For some reason this makes me think of some of the indigenous australian art that I've seen. I really like it
Thank you very much laf.art. What a nice association. Aboriginie art is fascinating.