WIP Portrait


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I am just now getting started on this one so it will be a while with lots and lots of additions and changes. Hopefully it will eventually be finished. :giggle:
16"X 20" oil on canvas. The photo is horrid because our weather is the same. :)
Wonderful! Will you keep the background yellow?
No, that was merely a wash to cover the canvas after the sketch. I'm not positive yet what color the background will be. Her dress is a greenish blue with big butterflies so it will need to be something that won't completely clash. :)
Lovely subject. Delightful. I look forward to seeing the overall effect. 🦋👍
Wonderful ! Her precious presence is there already, with nothing more needed as far as I'm concerned.

She looks to be about the same age as my (very advanced) great grandson, 20 mos.
Thanks Trier and yes, I would guess her somewhere in the Terrible Twos. ;)
Lovely Sno. Do you usually start your portraits this way? Weather's totally grotty here as well🙂
Thanks Lyn. Well you have to start somewhere and this time I wanted to get flesh tones covered while I had the paint fresh on the palette. Now I have the background and the dress covered and am waiting for it to dry enough so I can go back with the next "layer". I generally don't have any certain formula, just getting the canvas covered at first but no matter what kind of portrait it is (full body or just head), I always start with the eyes. If you can get a likeness in the eyes, the rest kind of falls in place.
Thank you Bizzi. :giggle: I've done more but the weather is just too yucky for photos. May be able to post an update this evening.
I managed to get the canvas covered this week but it rained all week so I didn't get a photo then. Today I have done a good bit of work on the face so I'll post the current progress. The first of next week I hope to get a lot more done on it.


You have captured a beautiful expression, Sno. It melts the heart just to look at it! The recipients will be delighted.
Thanks Bizzi, I've got a long way to go before it's finished because I can only work in short sessions, but I am enjoying the ride. :giggle:
Thanks Arty but it really is a long way from finished. Even the face and head will need a bit more work and the arms, legs, dress and background need a lot of work. :giggle: