Spring bouquet


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Hello everyone,

just finished this piece in size of 50cm by 40 or 20" x 16" where I experimented a little bit with a brushstroke - in the 2nd pass. First pass was done in basic, simplified manner with only few values of color. Then, I tried to apply paint in impressionist way, load the brush, put it down (stroke) and lift... it was quite therapeutic, must admit :), but really time consuming in search of a "perfect" stroke which will never come. Also, most of the color on the stroke was unique since I used variations of the same pile of premixed paint, but added here and there something else into it that created, in my humble view, nice harmony of color. Maybe you'll be able to see some of it bellow, not sure. It was just an experimental attempt and hopefully it will open some new doors when it comes to oil painting, we'll see.

Well, that would be it for now and I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday! Till next time, all the best...


Spring bouquet
Proljetni buket.jpg

Screenshot 2024-04-07 172427.png

Screenshot 2024-04-07 172747.png
This is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful, Zoran! Thank you for the close-ups so I can study and admire those luscious strokes! The illusion of depth and dimension on my little screen is incredible and I can only imagine what it must be like in real life.
Gorgeous! I appreciate the dramatic lighting and beautiful colours- well done!
Beautiful. The vase not to be overlooked, the spectral highlight, and reflection off the table.
Simply beautiful, Zoran! ❤️ 🌸 You may make an artist some day.:LOL:;)
Astonishing. I love every scrap of this. Juicy texture, beautiful strokes, and your usual mastery of light. Beautiful, Zoran! ❤️
It's gorgeous, I love the light, I love the whole arrangement. Nice brush strokes too.
Thank you for your kind comment Wayne @Enyaw , we'll see how it goes...
Thank you so much @Donna T , you are being too kind!
Thank you @bethany and @Bongo for your kind comments...
Thank you Jo @Jo Castillo , deeply appreciated.
Hey sno @snoball , ha - one day maybe, that would be awesome :LOL: Thank you for your kind comment...
Thank you @Terri and Ayin @Artyczar - you guys are always so kind, really appreciate it!
Hello Kay @Triduana , thank you so much...
and @joe1It grazie mille!