WIP. On the River

P. Barrie

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This is a current WIP that I’m struggling with.
Oils on panel, 16” x 12”
From photo
In frustration to get turquoise, I used 3 different blues. Now I’m not sure about color harmonies.


Also, don’t like the composition. Thinking of cropping the right side like this.


Insights and suggestions would be appreciated.
I like the original format and that it leads me to the place between the far hills. I think you prefer brighter colours than I do. However, I like it and if I were going to crop it I would crop the bottom 2 inches maybe.
It's beautiful either way. The crop seems to show more movement. It also takes the boat out of dead center.
I don't think you should crop it and I think it's coming along very well. I can't tell you're struggling. Those blues and greens are beautiful. I didn't get any impression of "dead center" in the first version until it was pointed out, I think the cropped version makes it more dead center (IMO). Something about the first version seems balanced to me.
much too intense for me but one little suggestion .. don't show the fishing line .. you can't make it small enough to look like line. A splash would serve you better to indicate a fish on the line.
Thank you all for your insights. I think the color chroma is too high and the blues are fighting. Maybe I should have used one blue. Not done with the water surface. Maybe I’ll repaint all the blues.
Wayne, when I painted in the line I thought “that looks like a rope”:ROFLMAO: I’ll take your suggestion.
I like the first version, as it emphasises the vastness of nature compared to the little guys in the boat. Look forward to the finished version.
Looks good.
I know the fishing line is bigger then it should be but personally I think it looks ok.