Who Is Your Favorite Contemporary (Living) Artist?


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Well... we've asked about our member's favorite "all-time" artists and favorite sculptor. What about your favorite living artist?
I don't know of many.
I like Banksy and my good friend Milton Grubert.

Maybe there is room here for a thread naming contemporary artists worth discovering?
Can't possibly only choose one, and it tends to shift around from day to day anyway. Ones that come to mind:

Aron Wiesenfeld:

Aron Wiesenfeld - Delayed 2012.jpg

A relatively unknown artist by name of David Febland, whom I have been following on Instagram - somehow his work just speaks to my love for urban decay. :)

David Febland - art-david-febland-09.jpg

Speaking of Davids, I also rather like some of the stuff David Hockney has been up to. When he's not publishing silly theories about the Old Masters, he gets to doing some more meaningful work. :)

I also like a lot of what the pop surrealists do, and others who dig into darkness a bit, like Helnwein. But I also follow lots of "daily painters" who do "mere" pretty pictures. :)
It will be no big surprise that I'm going to first say Lisa Sanditz and Amy Sillman:

lisa sanditz 001.jpg

Amy Sillman=.jpg

...as well as Dana Schutz:


Maja Ruznik:

4.Maja Ruznic.jpg

Rita Ackermann:


Kathe Butcher:


Neil Farber:


Allison Schulnik:


Kerry James Marshall:


and Antonio Ballester Moreno:

1.antonio ballester moreno.jpg

There are more, but that's all I can think of for now.
Ten years ago my choice of favorite living artists would have been made up of "blue chip" artists already in the art history books and able to demand hundreds or thousands... if not millions for a single painting. Among these would have been:

Lucian Freud:

Andrew Wyeth:

Avigdor Arikha:

... and quite likely Anselm Kiefer:

Now I tend to lean more toward less-well-known artists... but artists whose work clearly relates and inspires my own efforts. Among these I would include:

The Japanese painter, Ikenaga Yasunari:

The former comic book illustrator, Aron Wiesenfeld:

The Neo-Classicist/Neo-Renaissance painter, Michael Bergt:

Leonard Koscianski who combines elements of Post-Modernism with American figurative painting from the first half of the 20th century:

Käthe Butcher:
Minako Aino.650.jpg

and maybe even Kelly Beeman:
Would it be fair to say the Eileen Cooper:has had some influence in your current body of work?

I see that too. But what came first, the chicken or the egg? I have made art like many other artists that I have discovered after the fact. Some I have been influenced by before hand, and then afterward I tend to gravitate towards ones that have similarities. I'd be interested to know this from SLG. :)
I haven't been aware of Cooper for that long. What I will admit is that her work reminds me of Max Beckmann and David Bates... both of whom I have known for some time. Beckmann was probably the artist I looked at most during my time in art school:


-Max Beckmann


I can certainly see similarities in Coopers work to various elements and details that I employ: the emphasis of gestures, Mannerist poses, and the way she crams the figures completely within the space like as stage as opposed to a window.
-David Bates
Richter is arguably the greatest artist alive. From being a pioneer of photorealism all the way to a widely imitated abstract champion. The man is HUGELY talented and extremely skillful.
That's quite arguable. I've seen a retrospective of his paintings in person and can't say I was overly enthralled.
I can respect it... although I had to laugh at the incident involving one of Richter's studio assistants who did the squeegee work on his abstracts who reworked an entire slew of those paintings and no one could tell the difference... except Richter.
I like a lot of Gerhard Richter's works, and there is a lot of it. He shows the value of volume. Especially with experimental techniques and abstracts just doing a lot of it is necessary so some will succeed. Can't know what will happen until it's done.

It find it interesting that the paintings below are oils on paper.


30x41 cm


30x 42 cm