What About People That’ve Been Killed?

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Hello this is my first post. This is a piece I
might call finished. It is commissioned so already paid for.. Idk what to expect from post this.. but here is a photo..


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The painting is very interesting and attractive.
The characters below the painting are indecipherable as was the text in your Hello USA post. They show on my monitor as little squares with domino-like markings and asterisks, stars and dots. A computer thing I would guess.
Interesting colours and brushwork. Could you specify, and also in future when you post something, the dimensions of the work and the materials that you used?
It is 6ft x 8ft and acrylic paint w foam and bristle and synthetic brushes... made strokes w various techniques.. spray paint is also used.
It is 6ft x 8ft and acrylic paint w foam and bristle and synthetic brushes... made strokes w various techniques.. spray paint is also used.
Wow, that's quite a large piece. It adds a new perspective to one's appreciation of the painting.
It is large! I have been commissioned to make paintings of this size before... idk if I’d attempt one wo getting paid first of this size.. would be crazy expensive.
I like the large arcs and swaths of paint, makes me visualize/ imagine the process. I have two kinds of clothes, those that have paint on them and those that dont.....yet. In your case that must include shoes.🤣
Given the title, this reminds me of a map, red marking locations of fatalities. Interesting work, especially the size, I like it!
I like it. It is a nice abstract piece and I like that it's mostly yellow. Not too many great predominantly yellow abstracts I see. I wish this was a straight/ flat image. It seems twisted, with some glare but maybe that's my eye? I can still tell what it looks like and I do like it. I am excited to see more of your stuff! Thanks for clarifying the size and media. It's a good way to appreciate it more. ♥️

Who are your influences?
...lol not shoes but socks 😂 the arcs took my whole reach, sitting Indian style in the middle.

A map? I cannot see it but will look at it again. If you look at the purple spray paint and in one corner you might see a ghost..

Yes a lot of yellow!!!! my influences? William de Kooning, Andy Warhol, Helen Frankenthauler, and Jasper Johns.
It would be interesting to see an image that's taken flat on instead of at an angle. It looks very interesting!
This must make a real statement on someone's wall - it's impressive! I like the chaotic feel; as if it's moving everywhere. I would be terrified to paint anything that big but I think it must be kind of exciting too.