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I've been involved in some other projects so I haven't been around a lot but I still managed to do a few paintings.

This first one, "Mushrooms," is about 8"x10" on 140 lb Arches cp. I will be entering it in our county Senior Show.

20240321 Mushrooms (WDE 2-22-24, Sr Art Show).png

This next one, "Where them Shads!" is also about 8"x10" on 140 lb Arches cp. This will be submitted to a local Shad Fest that takes place every year. The watercolor society I belong to supports the annual art auction by donating paintings. The proceeds go towards scholarships for students who are planning to major in art in college.

20240328 Where Are Them Shad!! (WDE 3-15-24).png

This last one of dogwood blossoms is just a quickie I did yesterday in my XL Mixed Media sketchbook, about 5"x5"
20240402Sk9 Dogwood Blossoms (WDE 3-30-24).png
The mushrooms and dogwood blossoms are so lovely. The shad is fun to see. You do such detailed and beautiful work. Sigh.....
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I love them all! Your mushrooms have me in awe of your command over this medium - love the colors and the light on the caps. Your "shad" and dogwood blossoms make me smile. ❤️

Excellent work!
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Love the 'shrooms and the blossoms.❤️🍄🌸 The "Shads" is very well done, but oh so pitiful. 😄
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Love the mushrooms, I like how you drew the moss beneath them too. Your Shad is fun, I'm afraid I don't know what a Shad is though? Love the delicate dogwood blossom. 🙂
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Thanks for the comments.

Kay D, I didn't know what a Shad was either. It's a river fish that used to run in the spring so the town decided to have a festival in the Spring for the occasion. I don't think there are many shad in the river anymore but the festival is celebrated anyway.