West On Douglas Drive In Autumn


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This is looking westward from the same spot on Douglas that "The Bend On Douglas . . ." the painting that I just posted in the Landscape forum was based on, but looking to the east instead of west.
16x20 in (I think) acrylic/ paper
Wow. I really like this one. It is you but more finished than most. The color works like a charm.
I can see how this one was inspired by the same view, Trier. I love this! It has a dreamy feel to me plus there's a pole so what's not to love?
Love it! Those yellow and purples are the bomb for this one. This is one I want to come back to more than a few time. I want to bookmark it. It's a true winner. When did you do this one? Is it recent? ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
I'm crazy about this!! Your palette here is perfect, as IMO you can't go wrong with purples and yellows - ever! ❤️ Your outlines are so soft and pretty - the whole thing just speaks to me. I find it very compelling to look at. Wonderful work, Trier!