Us and them



The audience on this site has been shrinking unfortunately, but the gals and guys who are still here (and hopefully will stay forever!) are wonderful! The need to show one’s works to a bunch of others who know, understand, feel and comment is always there.
I took yesterday a piece from a few months ago and worked on it quite viciously (not sure why), but for me the result is a step closer to where I want to be: expressive art with freedom of strong mark making and usage of colors and textures.
So without more ado, here it is:




another detail:

Nufocus, you are my older brother and I love you, but don't ever dis the forum in public again. 🤣

The blue suited guy reminded me of Fredo Coreleone. No kidding.
You are Sonny.

So much for feedback.

Actually, your photo reminded me of the writer Iain Sinclair (a younger version... appols Iain. ..
Hey Iain!! Firstly kudos for getting up to say so early….
Fredo? Yes! Yep, it is Fredo!.🤓😀 I’ll have to work on Marlon now!
And me in the photo? James Caan for sure!
Love the forum!!
Ah, looks like more on the circus theme. Great work, as usual. ❤️ (y)❤️
wonderful, I always think that you have created an artistic universe that is very nice to admire and be surprised.
Whammo ! what a colorful beauty.

This seems like a new level for you, Nufocus, not that there was anything lacking before !
Joe, I hope that your wonderful words are really what’s been done here! Grazie!!