Unwanted Attention


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This would be a rather disconcerting sight, I would imagine, if one was enjoying a dive and looked up to see this.

12x16 watercolor on paper

Octopuses are one of my favorite subjects because they're beautiful in form and super interesting in how intelligent they are. And this is an excellent painting of one. Great job!
Beautiful watercolor! If I were diving and looked up to see this, I would think I had been gifted by the universe. ❤️
Brilliant! I find octopuses fascinating. Love those colours and the composition - I like the way it goes out of frame.
Beautifully painted. I love the colors you used on him and I like the action in the composition. I agree about looking up and seeing him above you. :giggle:❤️❤️❤️
I'd be fainting if I saw that creature while swimming! Stunning painting with lots to explore.