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I've never given this one a name. It is 24" X 36" and it painted over the beginnings of an old still life. I've "finished" it about 3 times but I am a bit more satisfied with it now. :)
Lone Pine.jpg
Yes, oil. Like I said it has a still life underneath and several "finishes" of this painting. It kept sitting around here thumbing its nose at me until I changed all the things that screamed at me and then added the two eagles and truly called it finished this time. :giggle:
Just wanted to say I like this landscape a lot. Everything is so well painted in it. I like a lot the birds flying. Those three times to "finish" this painting have been all worth it!
You do like those baldies, dontcha? How about some goldens next time?
I've been doing the baldies because we have a lot of them around here from Dec. through March and people are nuts about the "Eagle watches". The paintings get more attention with baldies. :giggle:
Bah humbug. Goldens are where it's at. They are true monsters. Oh well, yeah people do love baldies, and to be fair, baldies are also formidable, though ravens outsmart them all the time. There isn't a raven alive stupid enough to mess with a golden.
But unless I painted a close up of the Golden, people around here would just think it was a hawk or a juvenile Bald Eagle. ;)
Wonderful execution and finish IMHO!
The eagles add so much to the ambiance of a high mountian view of the world.
Like it very much.