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This is watercolor on Arches 140CP, about 6 x 7. It is from the WC monthly challenge. Thanks for looking! BTW, how does one get bold lettering in the thread title? I can only seem to get it in the body of the post.

beautiful! love that soft furry edge on the tiger's far cheek (do tigers have cheeks? :unsure::LOL: ).
Michael, Ruth, Ayin thank you for taking the time to comment and for your encouragement.
This is stunning, Joy! I love the soft, almost kind look of the tiger. They are so often made to look intense and dangerous, but you've made him look like a big cat, and I think a lot of cats, big and small, are alike. Just wonderful and beautiful!
This is just beautifully handled with a nice soft colour gradation and it works so well against that darker background. Nice work Joy.

Beautiful job on this Joy. I love how you have the little hairs of the fur going around the outside. When I have worked with watercolor, that has always been a big challenge to me. How do you get the little white hairs around the face and the eyelashes against the dark background?
Anne, thank you! I wet the edge of the face, so there would not be a harsh line where the fur started. While the paint was still slightly wet, I pulled some of the background color into the fur. Then, when dry, I used a bit of white gouache and white pencil for a few hairs.
Thanks Joy. Your system worked well. I'll try it next time I work fur in watercolor.
Jo, thank you for the kind words, but I approach all activities with a "beginner's mind". During a workshop with Tony Couch (famous classic watercolorist), he stated, "I paint so I can learn to paint."