The one I didn’t send because there was no one to send it to


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C8436B90-183D-43B6-A25F-481B9E2B1048.jpeg Egg tempera on wood. 2.5 x 3.5. I did a trade but I miscounted and did a couple of extras thinking there were more participants. This is a picture of my house ( minus the fence).
What a nice little painting. You're all set for next time!
very sweet looking little house, although i suspect large in real life judging by the number of windows. i have never used egg tempera. is it similar to gouache?
Yes it’s quite a large house. It needs some work. I don’t live there. I just visit it every day or so. Egg tempera is similar to gouache, but I use dry pigment. it’s easy to use. I have even mixed a bit of linseed oil into the egg tempera and it flows more like oil paint, but dries quickly like the egg tempera. Egg tempera is still very new for me. I haven’t been painting with it for more than a few months.
I see a double meaning in that title Jane. It says a lot knowing the history behind why you now have this house. Sweet little card.