The little princess (no. 2)




While the first was on a piece of loose canvas, this one is acrylics on board. It’s somewhat bigger.
Love the abstract-ness of it, yet love the little house and fence in the background. The palette is wonderful (as usual)! Don't get bored of how much I love your work! ♥️
Yes, beautiful colors and composition and dear little girl but a slightly ominous feeling due to the slant of the house and what looks like a line of people. Makes me wonder what is going on and if she is in any danger.
Even without face in front your painting have something to tell. well done.
Your palettes are always a visual delight. Beautiful to look at.

Love it! ❤
Thank you so much for all your comments!!
I looked at it a few more times and am not happy with it. I think I’ll do something else over it.