The Chinese Bridge at Staunton Park


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I’ve painted this bridge in a local park many times now, although this is the first in oil pastels.
Using more violet to make it more interesting.
C&C Appreciated. Thanks for looking. Arnie
Sennelier Oil Pastel on Hahnemuhle Aniversary Watercolour paper 40x30 cm
Beautiful scene and I love the use of the violet, it works so well alongside the yellow tree.
Lovely! The added violet is a plus for me. Wonderful handling of the oil pastels, and this is a beautiful scene, beautifully rendered. ❤️
Thanks Lamar, Zen, snoball, Donna, Kay, Terri, and Ayin - much appreciated. I got my colour wheel out for this before settling for the Yellow, Yellow Green, Red violet split complementary colours. Have to use it again! Thanks Arnie