Sunny Disposition Acrylic

Jo Castillo

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The local Art Center is having a 12 x 12 show for Christmas. I didn't want to frame pastels so decided to do acrylic on wrapped canvas. I thought I could crank out a few. Well, I have forgotten how to smoosh the paint around with a brush. Took forever. I finally am happy with this one. I haven't signed it or sprayed it yet.


Critiques always welcome.
This is positively gorgeous, Jo! I didn't know you painted with acrylics as well as with pastels. It feels good to smoosh paint around, doesn't it?
Maureen, thank you so much. Fun to make "music".

Jessie, thank you. I love purple and turquoise. Yellow not so much.

Wayne, thanks. More music.

Perry, happy with my yellows. Not my favorite color but like sunflowers.

Hostajunkie, your cheerfulness is appreciated.

Queen Bee, thank you.

Aspenman, thanks for stopping in, good to see you here.

Triduana, pleased to hear from you, too.

Donna T, thanks. I like to paint with oils but am allergic to linseed oil. I use Grahams oils with walnut oil. Acrylics are fun but I have a hard time waiting for paint to dry. Pastels and ink are so instant. I just haven't really painted in so long that I have forgotten. I worked on this several days. It would have taken a couple of hours in the old days.

Bongo, thank you. I do like color. Forgetting all else sometimes!