Prickly Blooms and Reds (goes with Sunny Disposition)

Jo Castillo

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I wrote this yesterday and didn't send. Sigh...
The deadline was tonight. I bought 6 canvases thinking I would easily whip out six 12 x 12 acrylics in 3 weeks. Well, I have forgotten how to paint .. seriously. I haven't been painting much and mostly pastels which I've been mainly just sketching. Anyway, it took 2 weeks to get Sunny Disposition (sunflowers) done and about a day and a half each for these two. So I have 3 canvases left, guess I will keep painting and finish them up.
These are on 1.5 inch thick 12 x 12 canvases painted on the sides.

Prickly Blooms


Thanks for looking and any critiques welcome.
Your palettes are rich and beautiful! I'd like to know what you think you've forgotten about painting. ;) Wonderful work, Jo!
Oh wow! What a lovely trio (now) of flower paintings. I can see your pastellist b/g, (or recent concentration on the medium) in the cactus flowers above … it’s a lovely technique you’ve used here! I also very much like your sense of colour.
Outstanding! These are knock-outs, Jo, and you should feel very proud of them no matter how long it took you to do them. They must look so beautiful hung together!
These are gorgeous Jo! I love how the subjects emerge from the background and you have picked up the bg colour in the leaves. It certainly doesn't look as though you forgot how to paint! :)
These are gorgeous paintings Jo. Thanks for sharing & keep painting! ❤️❤️
Oh, I love both of these Jo. You are inspiring me to want to paint some flowers again.
I don't think I've ever seen your acrylic paintings before, Jo - these are wonderful! I know what you mean about forgetting how to paint - I have a horrible (re)learning curve every time I try to pick up a brush - but you carried your skill with colours in pastel through into these brilliantly.
Thanks all y'all. (That's plural you know...all y'all) They will hang two paintings each for the time being so they picked the two yellow ones, maybe for their arrangement. The Reds will be here if I sell anything or someone else doesn't have a replacement. They go up next Thursday or Friday. I will try to get photos of the show. Looks like they chose 47 paintings from 27 artists. First time I'm in this particular show called Art Squared, all 12 x 12. I had two nice western pastels but they are framed to 15 x 15 and not elligible. I don't like to put mats on my pastels and didn't want to frame them with skinny frames, so the acrylics on wrapped canvas. My price is at the high end for this so who knows if people buy for Christmas gifts. Whatever the case, I finally painted so guess I am getting over my several year funk. Beware all, the longer you stay away the harder it is to come back. Thanks again, all the props make me smile and inspire....
Happy Thanksgiving all around.
Good luck with the show! 🤞

I've had a bit of a break from painting as well, and I know that coming back is daunting! You have made a fabulous comeback though with these! :)
Wow! I can see why they took a minute. Your attention to detail shows. These are just perfect. Perfectly amazingly beautiful! Great job Jo! ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ Happy Thanksgiving! :)