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I'm not famous, (a beginner actually) and I recently moved, my studio is in the process of becoming: This is the left, a drafting table at a southern window. What does your studio look like--famous or not?

Below is some of the storage and one box to be unpacked. Shelves on V left hold oil paints and my tiny stache of acrylics, the gray tub has watercolor, oil pastel, and oil bar cases, the small plastic drawers on the other book case has oil pastels and watercolor stuff, what the shelves hold is anybody's guess right now. Drawing supplies are in a box against a wall, and my canvases will probably go into storage for a while...
There are a couple of table easels as well as one small standing easel nearby. This is all subject tochange of course :)

I think we did a thread like this, but maybe that was for our storage spaces. In any case, no harm doing something like it again! I love this kind of thing. Your studio is coming along great ntl.

Mine is in a room in my house where I also use as my office. I have a south-facing window too...



My main work spaces are my drafting table and my easel, plus a table-top easel for smaller canvases.


Most of my art supply storage consists of a green brush cabinet, a tall gray cabinet, a dresser, and my black Craftsman rolling tool cart.


And this is my computer desk:

I like your studio space very much, Artyczar. Is that a genuine Arne Jacobsen Swan chair visible in the last photo?
Arty, You're SO well organized! That looks like a pleasant place to work.
I like your studio space very much, Artyczar. Is that a genuine Arne Jacobsen Swan chair visible in the last photo?

Thanks Hermes. No, that is a leather chair I got from Restoration Hardware some many years ago that I'm thinking about changing out. It's a nice chair, but I sit in it cross-legged and I probably shouldn't.
Arty, You're SO well organized! That looks like a pleasant place to work.

Thanks ntl. I tend to clean up between paintings, so it looks extra tidy at the moment. I just started a new one (the one that has yellow underpaint on it).
Back in March... before we were placed under lock-down... I shared a sizable studio space with two other artists.






Unfortunately, one of my studio partners went crazy... literally... dementia due to Parkinson's and refusal to follow his doctors' recommendations. He made the last year in the studio absolute hell... so much so we got almost nothing done. I had to move out in June during the lock-down in Cleveland and move all of my crap into my garage and a small room in my house.





I can fit only two of my paintings in the current home studio and leave enough wall space to work on. My current work in progress is quite a bit smaller than the scale I've been used to over the past 10+ years. I like being able to just walk upstairs and work on the latest painting any time I want... although with the requirements of distance learning I haven't had any where near the time I usually have. I'm looking forward to some time in the studio over this weekend as I'm quite a bit caught up with things and I'm looking forward to even more time in the studio next week during Thanksgiving Break.

I cleaned my studio today. I'm getting ready for a studio visit on Thursday morning. I thought I'd show off a picture of it. I'm so made fun of for keeping a clean studio while I work, so this one is just icing on the cake since I actually cleaned it on purpose. Ha!

HAA! You have a sock monkey in your neat clean sparkly studio! And lots of neatness and order, too!
No dirt or dust bunnys anywhere, oh my!
Best wishes for your studio visit, I hope you get many visitors and buyers!
Thanks ntl. It is just for one guest who will be looking at work to place inside of high-end vacation rentals. I don't know if that will be the best opportunity, but I'm going to try it out for a bit and see how it goes. The work will be tagged for sale and there will also be a main website where all the artists have their work available to buy. It's a new "thing" guess.
That studio is amazing Arty! I wouldn't even want to work in there and mess it up. :giggle: Glad you are starting to feel well enough to get in there and work.
Thanks sno. All smoke and mirrors for the visit today in a couple of hours. You should see the bathroom! Gah! I should be cleaning that right now, but I'm sitting on my ass.