Merry Christmas to Me! My Small Supplies Chest


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So waaaay back about 35 or so years ago, my youngest brother made me an oak chest for art supplies; he did not use nails or screws or any hardware except the drawer pulls and the piano hinge on top- it was a lovely, well-used piece of furniture. But---

It didn't like traveling all over the world- especially when being packed into moving vans and ships by people who really didn't care about other people's possessions- after all, the US military is as famous as NASA for that using the lowest bidder stuff. So, by the time we got here, the drawers were still there, but the back was off and the top lid was coming apart- it needed help.

My Father was a Master Carpenter; my Dear Husband once watched him in the garage mitre-ing dozens of strips of maple around the curve of a desk and asked Dad why he did it like that? Dad's reply, "Because ya gotta!" This apparently so impacted DH's feelings about woodworking that he didn't try much until after Dad died. Since, then, though, he's been doing some terrific stuff.

He went and dragged that old chest out of the barn shed where'd I'd first had a studio here, and tore it apart; and it put it back together with only that old hardware of drawer pulls and two smaller hinges up top (because it's what he had). I think it's going to last quite a long time now- especially since we'll not be moving around every two-to-four years.

It'll be very useful again.

(Might have him make a smaller version for flatware- we had so many people here for the holidays, we got some more flatware to make sure everyone had their own fork - or spoon, knife- whatevs. Now everyone is gone, and the silverware caddy in the kitchen drawer can't fit it all. So, why not a small chest, instead?? Gives me another drawer for kitchen tools- two is not really enough).


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How beautiful!! I think it's wonderful that he pulled that out and gave it some attention - and now it's totally functional again. Well done, hubby! 👏

I agree with you about trying for the silverware caddy, while he's still in the mood. ;) He does great work.
Wow! What a beaut! Nice woodworking here. I'm a sucker for these kinds of things. It's really nice. Tell him I said so. ;)