Staying logged-in


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This is just a minor problem, but each time I enter the site, I have to log-in anew. This is even tough I do have a check at "stay logged in".

I know from experience with the mjp-hosted bukowski-forum, that it sure IS possible with the present technique to simply stay logged in for a whole lifetime, but it doesn't work for me with this forum.
Do you use an anti-cookie browser plugin? Or some other anonymizing type of voodoo? That could cause it. But then I assume the same thing would happen to you on, but it's not.

The only other thing I can think of that might cause that kind of problem is how you access the forum. There's server configuration that forces all traffic to the URL.

What that means is if you enter or into a browser, you'll be redirected to The http is forced to https, and the www is stripped off.

That redirect can cause the loss of login sometimes. If your browser saves a cookie for, it won't work to keep you logged in to without www.

But if you go directly to and log in, it should stick.

Too much information, I'm sure. But it's worth tracking down the cause and figuring out if something needs to be done on this end to fix it.