Some of my colored pencil pieces


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Here's a few I've done. I use prismacolors on toned Mi Teintes paper, I love that combo because it very erasable with a white plastic eraser.
square two cats small.jpg
These are all incredibly good! In the cat pieces especially, it looks to me that you've captured the unique individual rather than just a generic cat. That's not easy to do.
Aw, thanks Annie! They were all commissions so I worked from specific photos. I still have them because I make prints of them. I'll look around for some others, many computers ago! I still offer them but almost all of my work is oil paintings now.
I think all of these are wonderfully great. I like all the animals you've captured here. Your handling of the shore water on the beach is superb too. I like the little firefly with the furry doggie, as it adds to his happy personality. All are rendered so well! Congratulations on very successful pieces. :)
Love these Robin! They are all like candid shots showing pets caught in the moment. Wonderful!
Robinz, they are all beautiful works.
the expression of the third is so crazy. nice, it's a talking dog, says OHHHHHHHHHHH

they are just so expressive.
however they are all very beautiful works
I can't choose a favorite among n. 1, 3, 4, 5