Some CP works


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Here are a few to start off the forum.





Holy hell! Is there anything your can't do? These are all superb works Sno! I can't pick which one I like the most. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think I like the puppies the most because it's on the tan paper and I love the fur, but they are all so incredible. The Elvis is amazing too, as is the eagle. All. I just can't leave any out. When about did you do these? Wouldn't that be funny if you whipped them all up in the last 24 hours just to have something to post on this new forum?! Ha! I wouldn't doubt your ability to do it.
Aw thanks Arty. You are pouring it on pretty thick. ;) These were all done some time ago. Elvis is probably the oldest. He was done probably 15 years ago. The dogs are my two little girls I used to have that I miss so much.
I have made a few pieces of my dogs of the past. I miss them so much as well. Nothing like good dogs. Nothing.

Maybe I'll post a watercolor of one of my old dogs.
I used color pencil extensively on one multi-media painting, Autumn Eve. The previous 20 paintings had all employed 2 figures... which usually denotes some sort of narrative as a result of the interaction between them. I wanted to focus this time on a single figure. I was looking at Hula Girls from cheesy of pinups:


I don't get much further than this with the drawing of the figure before I begin to focus on the background or surrounding elements:


Here you can see the old-school string method I use to draw the halos on this scale:


The drawing at this stage is done with a combination of pastel, Conte, and a variety of color pencils. As I work on the background, I prime everything except the figure with an acrylic Burnt Sienna primer. The figure will be primed with a pale tan similar to the color of the paper. Here you can see the adhesive for the gold leaf:


This painting employed the most detail in the halo that I had done up to that point. I decided to try out the use of color pencil with some pastel for this area... and liked the results:

26 (2).jpg


I then decided to make extensive use of the color pencils in the face which resulted in a softer modeling... and yet still allowed for the mark-making to be seen (which I feel is essential).


My one studio-mate loved the look of this work more than all the others and kept prodding me to try the color pencils again... but honestly, I like the bold physicality of the mark-making from the pastels more.

As the face was done in color pencil, I had to continue with the same technique over the rest of the painting:



I may have to try this approach again one day.

Again, this painting measures 80" in height by 46" wide and is rendered in mixed-media (acrylic, pastel, color pencil, and gold leaf) on paper.