Sketches from my Walk

Jo Castillo

Supporting Member
We walked and I sketched in my travel sketchbook with a Sharpie pen. Nice to be out and easier than carrying all my pastels for plein air! It's the U.S. Marine Corps 246th birthday. Our son is a Marine, did his service a few years ago. Semper Fi, David and all the others.

These are great, Jo! I can't believe you did all this with a Sharpie. :oops: Your lines are bold and confident. I'm impressed!
Wayne, thanks we have been having gorgeous weather and I haven't taken much advantage.

Terri, my sketching is come as you go, been sketching with pens for years. If I pay attention I can get pretty good perspective, etc. Landscapes don't require much. Ha. Thanks. I've been doing the Scavenger Hunts for years and mostly sketch in pen and ink there. Good practice to sketch different things.
Love your 'travel light' Sharpie sketches, Jo - definitely easier than lugging pastel boxes on your walk, and you always find beautiful textures for your ink landscapes.